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chance to mention just exactly what we do in the united states that t china. in the-- the minut& >> bill planning with the pres thank you very much. now here's maggie.-- >>> a drug. millions take zetia by merck, but renewing questions about whether it our dr. jennifer ashton is here with go y- this at length this morning b- becauecause so many people do take this this journ 200& for 14 months. som- others were taking an over the counter vitamin. wh >> had cardiovascular risk factors or t attack - they were already on a stat & - pconcont
manufacturing jobs in the united states. before you head to break, work or school. >> temperatures not a bad start for us, but changes on the way. some wet weather too. we'll talk about when the wet weather gets here. >> reporter: good morning from the mta. for your commute start, you'll find a 5 minute delay on the metro subway. marc train operating on time. on the buses, look for heavy volume on 7, 23 and 19 bus lines and number 36 bus using alameda and 736 street due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> the nutcracker is coming to the hippodrome december 24-26. call that number on your screen if you'd like tickets. we'll be right back. so, did you get your son anything yet? yeah, i got him that transformers revenge raptor thing. yes, the ramjet raptor, introduced to the transformer family in may of '09. i prefer the skywarp figure with six guided missiles and also comes with a limited-edition collectors card. [ female announcer ] it's the most wonderful time of the year, and walmart's here to help. it's cyberweek at walmart.com, txoÑe of the lowest prices of the
that this is a constructive relationship. the chinese now will be visiting the united states next year as the president invited him. he wraps up tonight with a state dinner and plays tourist tomorrow. dan? >> wow, very historic visit. chuck todd for us in beijing. thank you. >>> a government panel of doctors and scientists issued a stunning reversal of decades of conventional medical wisdom when it comes to breast cancer screening. the panel says women should stop getting mammograms in their 40s and instead wait until their 50s. the panel concluded getting screens so early and so often has triggered too many false alarms, unnecessary biopsies, and no real improvement in odds for survival. the panel also flatly rejected the effectiveness of breast self-examinations suggesting that women should no longer be taught how to do them. harshly criticized by the american cancer society and other groups will likely influence coverage of mammograms coverage by medicare and many insurance companies. >>> in a case highlighting the pressures of service in family, a 21-year-old army specialist is facing possible crim
to the united states is a huge problem for the united states -- and transferring the terrorist suspects. one man is hoping to sell it to uncle sam and revitalize an economically struggling community. >> it is a state-of-the-art facility build about eight years ago. it has thousands of beds. >> fewer than 100 would be occupied by prisoners held at guantanamo, but it could be a tough sell to those who do not want terrorists in their backyards. >> they are going to erect an even more secure perimeter. >> on friday, the justice department announced the most vitoria's prisoner, khalid shaikh mohammed, and others are headed for trial in a new york federal court -- the most notorious prisoner. some say they are just handing him a stage. >> his wish is to be brought to new york, and it really makes no sense to me to be granting his wish. he should be tried in a military tribunal. >> but secretary of state hillary clinton, a new york senator on 9/11, says the trial is not as important as its outcome. >> the most important thing for me is that they pay the ultimate price for what they did to us. >> bringi
: good morning. yes, had there are deep points of disagreement between the united states and china. both presidents attempted to address critical issues while walking a delicate line. president obama and chinese president president hu engine take you appear ready to take on the big he is problems together. >> we know the relationship goes far beyond any single issue. >> reporter: following hours of talks, both sides stressed the importance of a united front and agreed to combat a host of issues from the economy and climate change -- >> we are creating a joint clean energy research center and have achieved agreements on energy efficiency. >> reporter: -- to nuclear threats from north korea and iran. >> iran has an opportunity to present and demonstrate its peaceful intention, but about it fail, there will be consequences. >> reporter: despite the new pledges of cooperation, it's clear both sides are still divided on several issues that won't be resolved during president obama's first visit. >> our relationship going forward will not be without disagreement or difficulty. >> reporter: that
for the you u.s.? >> the united states does not seek to contain china nor does a deeper relationship with china mean a weakening of our bilateral alliances. the rise of a strong and pros puss china can be a -- prosperious china can be a source for both nations. brian: here to expand on that, gordon chang, author of "the coming collapse of china." gordon, why would friendliness be interpreted as softness? >> they just see it as a sign of weakness. in february secretary clinton said human rights was not an essential part of the dialogue between the united states and china. and then the chinese have become less cooperative on iran, north korea, climate change, you name it. maivelgt, the chinese felt so bold after that statement that just one month later they sent their ships to harass urs in international -- ours in the international waters. there's a direct link between human rights and the security of united states. brian: in 2002 president bush goes to china. at which time he talked about religious freedom, you need the chance -- he was able to talk live on national television to the
. the president of the united states face-to-face with a pair of unindicted party guests, who turned out to be aspiring reality tv stars. the secret service is embarrassed. it is still not exactly clear how they waltzed into the white house dinner honoring india's prime minister. they cozied up to vice-president biden and a host of other partygoers. she and her husband are reportedly ready to tell their side of the story on monday. on her face but page, michaele says she was honored to be invited. her lawyer insists there were clear by the white house. but the secret service's their names are not on the guest list, and they should have been prohibited from entering their been entirely. >> ronald kessler wrote a book about the secret service, which he says has a dangerous habit of putting security corners. >> they could have taken a ninth of the table and stabbed the president. >> the secret service has questioned the couple. some believe they could be facing criminal charges, a steep price to pay for 15 minutes of fame. she is said to be a onetime member of the washington redskins cheerl
people are talking about this morning. a new government report shows the united states military missed an opportunity to capture osama bin laden before the iraq war began. the report concludes our lack of action allowed bin laden to escape to pakistan. the report was ordered by a senate foreign relations committee chair john kerry. >>> the treasury department says it will announce plans tomorrow to target mortgage companies that are lagging behind on loan modifications. a spokeswoman says new steps will improve transparency then accountability. >>> hundreds of players from across the globe traveled to baltimore to play in the world's largest table tennis tournament and we are live there with a closer look at the stiff competition. sharon is a local table tennis professional. >> reporter: good morning. i have already been eliminated. and it hasn't even started. it starts at 9:00. 230 teams from around the world are here at the baal more convention center. it is the 2009 north american team table tennis championship. we actually have allen williams to tell us a little bit about it. good
weeks to points across the united states. though not quite as many trees as in years past. >> our sales are going to be down around 15%. >> blame it on the economy. that cuts down on the number of corner lot days before christmas. but they aren't complaining about that. everyone is affected by the recession, they say. >> the way it is, we're lucky. >> one thing that is hurting, though, is the profit margin. the cost of many essential chemicals and fertilizers tripled last year. growers were told it was because of record fuel prices. those fuel prices did come down. but the prices of the materials did not. >> with the economy as it is, they can't pass on all of the higher costs, they say. just hope they can make up for it in the volume of sales. as for what you will pay for your tree once it gets to your favorite lot, depends on the tree. depends on the lot. but should be about the same as last year. $50, maybe a little more for a six to six and a half footer. as for anything, growers say it's best to shop around. >> among cities cutting their christmas tree budget, chicago officials are
afternoon. it is the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the united states. military officials believe a major on the base, nidal hasan is the shooter. hasan is not dead as previously reported. >> he is currently in custody. and in stable condition. i say again, the shooter is not dead but in custody and in stable condition. >> there is going to be a lot of focus on maybe people that he spoke to. why some action wasn't taken. i don't don't doubt for a second there will be a lot of red flags floating around about this guy. >> meanwhile we are learning more about the man suspected in the shooting rampage. the mosque his son attended says the army psychiatrist did not seem an an extremist. he knew hasan for more than ten years and he was quiet and ten years and he was act you'vely looking for a wife through a program at the mosque. he says in the program application, there hasan listed himself as palestinian even though he was born right here in the united states. now, hasan does have ties to our area. jody smith is live with more on that and possibly what could have been motive f
would not be released in the united states. >>> and the nor'easter that moved through last year brought tires off shore of the island. that is a result of the wind and rain. a volunteer crew started removing them today. >>> take a live look outside right now. the temperatures have dropped and the skies are pretty blue and we are watching the satellite/radar. we are live with complete first warning weather coverage. marty bass is in the outback. >> it is not bad after all. >> and bernadette woods is in the weather center. >> the sun is coming out and it is nice. we want to show you the first warning doppler radar. it is dry around us. to the west and south, showers are developing. high pressure is dominating us and keeping us dry. the high will give way and give us a chance for showers as we head into tomorrow and that will continue into friday morning. for what else is going on with the weather, let's go out to marty. >> thank you very much. it is mid week. we like to look at the weekend. i can tell you this. the weather might be getting very problematic. let's take a look at the graphi
and everyone of you here today, and god bless the united states of america. >> much more ahead. >> and we will take a look to one of your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night. the luck. ( tires screeching ) ♪ people say i'm forgetful. ( horn honking ) maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. love the road you're on. the all-new subaru outback. >> the ravens are back, this morning very much alive in the playoff race. 16-0 ab to the browns. the first shutout in three years for the ravens. 5-4 is the record. the cleveland fans in new their office would not score points. joe flacco to derrick mason. he runs away. out of bounds at the 13. ray rice, the touchdown machine. his first touchdown against the browns on july 27. he's coarsest to get here. the ravens get some more points. suggs escorts him in. the defense is not forget. they sat this player four *. s acked -- sacked this player 4 times. >> anytime there is a shut out, it is a credit to your defense. we had difficult formations and alignments. they
regrets allowing her to live with her mother. >>> the president of the united states and the president of china discussed nuclear weapons and other issues. good relations are crucial to keeping the u.s. economy in motion. >>> firefighters rushed to the scene of a massive fire in california. the flames broke out in a warehouse in los angeles. firefighters say a pair of palates were the cause of the fire. >>> not everybody is lucky enough to have the terminator serve them breakfast. california governor arnold schwarzenegger has arrived in baghdad today. he is planning to work out with some troops later in the day. >>> former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin is giving advice about the 2012 election. she is on a book tour for "going rogue." in an interview today, palin said a 2012 presidential bid is not on her radar. >>> take another live look outside and stick around. the complete first warning weather forecast is 2.5 minutes away. >>> here is a look at the midday stocks for today. >>> welcome back. take a look at temperatures around the region. 47 in oakland.
an interesting life. that could have been the first lady of the united states this. fred thompson wanted to be president of the united states senate seat from tennessee. lori morgan joining us coming up. on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> is this wjz baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala. your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's friday. >> it's the bottom of the hour. in 15 seconds it will be 6:30. sharon has what is going on after marty's weather. >>> those clouds, gorgeous sunrise. clear skies through this friday. let the weekend party begin. 49 at lunch. 47 degrees for the evening. not
detainees to the united states. >>> cashing in on bernie madoff's name. you won't believe how much people are paying for his stuff. >>> thousands of coins on display and for sale here. we'll have details and talk to an artist who paints some of these rare coins. after the break. >>> but first, here are saturday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. for a short time, dunkin' donuts has something the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. it is sunday, november 15th. taking a look at a very nice day at improvement over the last four we have had. rain, rain, and rain. looking at pretty nice conditions today. going up to 70 degrees today, dry conditions, warm breezes across the region. 70 degrees for today actually. a little cooler for tomorrow. but we stay with sunshine pretty much through the week. overnight lows staying down mid to upper 30s. >>> tim, thanks. first turning to the other stor
. >> doubles the united states of america. thank you very much. -- god bless the united states of america. >> more trauma concerning michael jackson's memorial service. one party is saying they are being below the -- bullied into paying costs. investigators found a body of schneider davis. -- of davis. shaniya >> new tonight at 530, the owner of the mall has a lot of debate about a casino at the mall. the city council is set to make a zoning decision next month, but this -- of the store's owner tells them to bring it on. >> simon property group is the indianapolis-based company that owns the randall mills and said they took the unusual step for advocating for one potential tenant to bring slots out publicly for the first time. >> >> greg goodman is president of the company that runs the mall. his first point is that anyone that says a slot for the family nature of the mall, no one has the greater reason to protect what there is now than he does. >> we have a center that is 100% leased with the parking lot filled every weekend. we -- this was very successful. we did not have to do this. af
degrees in st. louis. 64 in dallas. the center portions of the united states is dealing with warmer, mild air. that is what is going to be headed our way for the daytime for tomorrow. 60 degrees for tomorrow in some areas. the futurescan model, clear skies for the daytime for sunday. 8:00 a.m. a beautiful day. clouds will be on the increase throughout the day and by game time for 8:00 tomorrow evening, mostly-cloudy skies and then the rain showers will hold off. by monday morning, by your morning commute or if you have an early-morning flight, there could be travel delays as a cool front will push in allows for scattered rain showers. a better chance for heavier precipitation around 11:00 a.m. it's a fast-muling cold front that will push through fairly fast. we have an area of high-pressure system in control. nice and mild for the daytime for tomorrow. one more nice, sunny day. here comes that cold front is in the center portions of the united states. it will bring isolated rain showers for monday. light in nature on monday and pretty much a fast-moving cold front. once t
for terminology for our developmentally disabled across the entire united states. >> when is your birthday rosa? >> i don't think you can stop the playground use of the word probably ever, but we can stop teachers and doctors and professionals from using it. >>reporter: it could take years before this bill turns into federal law. >>> across the country, people are making big plans for thanksgiving and that means traveling to see friends and family. triple a expects nearly 39 million people who will be traveling this holiday. air travel, however, is expected to be down by about 1.5 percent this year. highway travel is expected to be up by 1.4 percent. >>> nicole was featured on maryland's most wanted two weeks ago and soon after the story aired, was captured by authorities. tonight police hope you will give them a tip that will lead them to her accomplice. jeff barnd ms. more. >>reporter: this is 21-year old brown. she's wanted by the regional warrant apprehension task force on several charges, including robbery and assault. police say on august 26th, brown robbed a boutique in federal hill
in the united states this year. it's already interacting with another storm and producing heavy rain in new orleans but it's probably going to pass somewhere near pensacola in florida, tampa gets heavy rain, there will be a four to six-foot storm surge and along the path of the storm between four and eight inches of rainfall, we'll see if it impacts us because some models trying to throw moisture our way by wednesday. patchy fog this morning, otherize a lot of sunshine into early afternoon. look for increasing clouds, a 2-degree guaranteed high of 71. >>> let's check the roads with kim brown. >> traffic is starting to slowdown on the outer loop about here at liberty road, due to some volume delays as you make your way towards the route 70 interchange and the baltimore national pike. things also starting to pick up, traffic volume, that is, on the top side between harford road and providence road, southbound 95 we have heavy volume with slowing between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway but the fort mchenry tunnel is checking in smoothly. we have a crash working southbound on the harbor tu
their operations here in terms of increasing sales back in the united states. >> in beijing today mr. obama meets with chinese president tao. tensions may rise over economic issues. the u.s. is a huge market for china's cheap products. china has largely financed america's deficit, lending hundreds of billions to fund stimulus efforts here. president obama will spend two days in beijing, combating climate change and nuclear programs in iran and north korea top the agenda there. in washington, brook hart, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the parents of a student say their son is in serious physical danger whenever he attends school. not from violence or bully but from perfume. the 14-year-old student in question suffers from severe asthma, which his parents say is triggered by cologne, perfume and screnlted products. they're asking the school board to ban fragrances from school. the school board says they'll most likely consider the matter next month. that brings us to our "watercooler question of the day." should a school system enact a ban on colognes, perfumes and other scented products on school property be
. it is traveling to the north. it is going to make landfall on the southern portion of the united states. in fact, they can look at the storm. it will be a category 1 and dropping down to making landfall as a category 1 around pensacola. this is the national hurricane center projected path right now. it's going to make a right turn and go over the panhandle of the state of florida and stay in southern georgia and over northern florida. zee an area of high pressure blocking that moisture to try to make its way north. it will be mainly a florida event in parts of the south and mississippi and also in alabama and georgia. we'll continue to monitor this. it's a very active category 2 down there that's churng in the gulf of mexico. at home, look at our hd skycamp relatively quiet conscience. we saw a beautiful day today. looking at 50 degrees right now. still a mild night. winds are calm. our humidity levels at 89 percent. as far as the temperatures across the area, 47 degrees in harris burg. 56 in new york city. down to the south of us. 50 in richmond. we'll continue to see the mild f
of the attacks have new plans to criticize the united states. >>> robbery suspect finds an uncomfortable way to cover up his tracks you won't believe what he did but it's caught on videotape. >>> looking live outside bernadette woods will be back with the first warning weather forecast. >>> the health care reform showdown is underway in the senate and it's not just republicans trying to stop the plan joel brown reports on the debate in the nation's capital. >> reporter: leading democrats in the senate are determined to push their health care reform bill through. with or without republican support. >> there's many bump in the roads and discussions and arguments disagreements but i think now the wind is at our back and there's momentum. >> reporter: but supporters are facing head winds as well. democratic leaders barely won a key test vote but some of the conservatives senators in the party are not sold on the measure as it stands. so they have got two options. make changes to bring those conservative democrats on board or win over some republicans. but the gop wants to throw the brakes on the
of people as the waterfowl capital of the united states. and the waterfowl festival and hunting in general is just a major tradition to a lot of people that live here. >> you'll see anything from waterfowl art. there's actually fishing, hunting, they have the dock dog championships here. >> get it, get it, get it, get it! oh, yeah! >> beautiful drive. >> it gives you an opportunity to meet new outfitters, call makers. i've won seven goose calling championships. at a young age, i got involved with it. i have always enjoyed doing it. goose hunting is primarily my favorite thing to do. it will talk back to you. i get a kick out of it. it's a lot of fun. the fact of being able to be in the outdoors and just enjoy what god had given us and you know, i always tell everybody, my favorite thing is watching the world wake up every morning and putting the world to bed. being outdoors is the most important thing to me beside my family, of course. what better way to spend live other than being outdoors and hanging out with the animals? >> josh is a seven time world champion. tonight, he will be going
, it will not mean that they will be released in the united states. >>> shopping for a new-- insurance interstudent for safety insurance has tougher standard. a new test for tougher roofs now added to the standard. supervise subaru, ford, volvo placed ultimate cars on the list toilet yarks the world's largest maker failed to have any of their models make the year's cut. >>> illegal trash dumping is not only an eyesore but a breeding ground for rats and it is becoming a great problem for baltimore. tonight, we have a look at the lengths the city is going to to catch those responsible. >> a is they code enforcement convoy rolls up on fayette street and finds a big problem. >> it says no dumping. $250 fine. but what you see in this corn ser nothing but dumping. >> piles of trash not scored in trash cans as required but in bag and where there's trash, there's rats. illegal dumping is so common in this one spot, there a rat's nest just three feet away. >> that's the way they live. they live here and feed here. >> this is a lot of trash here. >> neighborhood leaders say for years, they tried to clean up
in the united states. he wants to bring five of them to new york for trial. he believes they should be held responsible for their actions. republicans are questioning his decision. >> it will provide khalid sheikh mohammed the opportunity to be a hero among al qaeda sympathizers. >> i am not scared of what khalid sheikh mohammed has to say at trial, and no one else needs to be afraid either. >> president obama is predicted that he will be convicted and executed. >> in tonight's medical alert, senate majority leader harry reid has taken the wraps off health care legislation. the cost, $849 billion over the next decade. he said the legislation will save lives, money, and help medicare. centers are expected to debate that bill later this week. also, a new debate is brewing about mammograms and when women should start getting them. on monday, a government panel recommended that women not at risk for breast cancer need not scheduled a first mammogram until they turn 50, and then only needed to be checked every two years. that recommendation is a complete break from the american cancer society's
into the united states territory as we head into early next week. it brushes past cancun sunday evening with 50 mile an hour winds and by tuesday it is in the gulf of mexico. remember, the hurricane season officially goes until the end of november. small craft advisory on our bay tomorrow. waves around 2 feet. 51 tomorrow, with sunny skies and strong northwest winds. the winds diminish tomorrow night but we bounced back to 60 saturday, 68 sunday, and it should hit 70 monday before the next cold front arrives on tuesday. >> the ravens prepare for sunday's rematch with the bengals. they have to dominate the middle of the field, something they did not do in the week 5 loss to cincinnati. it was not a point of pride for john harbaugh, but the penalties may serve the ravens on sunday as they try to force more turnovers and intimidate the bindles. ray lewis nearly decapitated chad ochocinco. lewis did not like paying a fine, but he knows that every being a receiver will remember that hit every time they go up the middle this sunday in cincinnati against the ravens. >> that is what i do, just like wha
of water over much of the united states,. >> let's take a look at the radar, the heavier just south of the baltimore region but it is beginning to move. so we'll see moderate rain at times. take a look around the area, south of the area to moderate shower activity, just to the south of us with pockets of moderate rain around the city. the heavier however, queens town, over the portions of the bay bridge area, just to the east of annapolis right now, cambridge, down to salisbury, just light, the baltimore region seeing a half inch south of us, as much as an inch and a half of rain has fallenment fallen, take a look at temperatures, cloudy skies, 43 for the temperatures, ocean city, 50, 3000 feet, the mountains seeing a few wet snowflakes. right now, winds coming out of the east, 21 in ocean city, but wind gusts 30-40, offshore, winds of 40-45 miles per hour. these are -- just about you know we're talking tropical storm gale force winds, not that strong, but we'll get breezes tomorrow, 20-25, all because of ida offshore, strengthening off the gulf. and there is a huge pressure matter
national cemetery. >>> the united states, meanwhile, is demanding more accountability from afghanistan before it commits more aide for its civilians. he can do more to reduce corruption and go after those who may have lewded u.s. aid in the past. >> we agree that our goal here is to defeat al-qaeda. that has been a clear goal and a mission from the president ever since he made his commitment of additional troops back in the spring. >> president barack obama is expected to announce a troop increase in afghanistan after he returns from his trip to asia. >>> an unusual clash on the u.s.-mexican border. the washington times working on a story about how environmental law has become an obstacle for border patrol agents trying to stop illegal immigrants. >> the department of homeland security complained. they've had to mount horses because they can't upset the pristine lands down there. >> to read more, go to fokbaltimore.com and click on the i con. >>> federal health officials say almost 4,000 people have died of the h1-n1 virus and 22 million people have had the virus. the cdc is urgin
published in the united states, the insurers have indeed moved to be supportive of those guidelines. >> reporter: the baltimore doctor we spoke to is a member of the organization that released those guidelines. he believes the motives were not financial, and releasing these guidelines near the mammogram ones were coincidental. >> thank you kelly. >>> health and human services secretary has spoken out against the new mammogram guidelines but has not yet commented on the new pap smear guideline. >>> lawmakers are expected to vote on whether to allow the full senate to start working on the bill. 60 is the magic number the democrats need to keep the legislature alive. the price tag is estimated at $1 trillion. that's one reason the republicans are against both the house and senate versions. democrats say part of the reform will be paid for by taxing high end health insurance and taxing medical costs. >>> the boss is back in town after more than 30 years. bruce springsteen brought the glory days back to baltimore tonight. kai jackson was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of tonight's perfo
but it is a tropical system that may impact the united states next week. 50 degrees tomorrow, gusty winds. we will probably hit 70 degrees on monday before the next cold front arrives on tuesday. >> the high school football season gets set to finish. , next in sports. >> now, even sports with gerry sandusky. >> the last time the ravens faced the bangles, 120 yards rushing, the first running back in many games to earn that many yards. sunday, they get a chance to make good. as pete gilbert reports, that stops -- that starts with stopping him. >> the rate of only gave about 17 points to cincinnati the last time. even coming off of day win, the smiles disappeared. >> running the ball extremely hard. sometimes you have games like that. they took advantage. >> his revival wreaked havoc on more than just the ravens. the last time in baltimore, he shredded a very proud defense for 120 yards and a touchdown. how do they prevent a repeat on sunday in cincinnati? >> we have the players that have done it before so we have decided we have to work on technique and do those kind of things. that is what we
time in the united states that any legislature has passed a bill that forces pro life clinics to display a sign that they don't counsel women towards abortion. tonight a spokesman for the mayor says she's reviewing legislation and has not decided whether she'll sign it. the archdiocese is looking at possible legal action if she signs that bill. christian schaffer, abc2 news. >>> another day has gone by and still, no verdict. after a weekend off, we're told the jury did make some strides today but they still can't come to an agreement in the theft trial of mayor sheila dixon. we're working off some of the trial stress this evening at the k hill rec center. back to work tomorrow morning. more on what transpired in the courtroom today and what we can expect when they return to the court house. >> reporter: after three days now, and about 19 hours of deliberation, this jury asked to go home again tonight without a verdict. after passing a note this morning saying they were making great progress, the dixon jury asked to be released for the third day in a row saying "we have not com
to think we would have been situation occurring at a military base in the united states. >> while the chaos played out, the congressman was unaware. he was sequestered with no telephones in the house intelligence committee hearing. he says there is still much to be learned about this before any conclusions or lessons are possible, but he is especially concerned about where the tragedy took place. >> what is happening in iraq and afghanistan is difficult enough. when we lose men and women on behalf of our country. but do have a military base where we should be secure, where we are training people to protect our country, to have an incident like this is disheartening. >> somebody working in a major trauma center, uri a lot about your ability to respond if in that type of wason. >> this doctor is a surgeon at the university of maryland medical center shock trauma. he says a mass casualty situation like this one would be too much for shock trauma to handle. he says patients would have to be sent to many area hospitals. >> we have a large number of trauma centers to be able to split apart some o
1000 words and then some, the president of the united states face-to-face with a pair of uninvited party guests who turned out to be aspiring reality tv stars. official washington is in dignity, the secret service embarrassed. it is still not exactly clear how the salahi couple crashed the dinner honoring the indian prime minister. they manage to cozy up to vice president joe biden and a host of other a list partygoers. salahi was being taped for a broad vote series called "the real housewives." she said she was honored to be invited. their lawyer insists they were invited by the white house. the secret service now says their names were not on the guest list. they should have been prohibited from entering the event. >> this time it was a nice pretty blonde, the next time it could be an assassin. >> has a dangerous habit of cutting security corners. >> they could have had anthrax, they could have stabbed the president. >> the secret service has questioned the couple and some legal experts believe they could be facing criminal charges, a price to pay for 50 minutes of fame. she was s
it is misleading. i think these people are supposed to represent the citizens of the united states and i don't think they do i think they tried to get this passed as quickly as possible. as much as possible. i think the public has no idea everything that is covered in this bill. it's incredible. >>reporter: federal funding for abortion, for instance, is a key debate. in the senate version of the measure funding was removed from the house version. you can learn a lot more about health care reform by logging on to fox baltimore.com and clicking on the cure for health care icon. >> another warm day but it feels like fall soon. vytas joins us with the first look at the sky watch forecast. >>reporter: we are seeing the temperatures slide down a little bit cooler air moves in from the northwest and we have showers building in from the south actually on radar hd radar right now. you can see the leading edge of heavy rain fall down towards richmond and looks like that is the leading edge of what is the remnant left over from what was hurricane ida made land fall, became tropical storm then d
. >> when asked about his loyalty whether it was to the united states, he said no to the koran. what he has done is murder and assassinated people yelling out jihadist remarks and tried to communicate with al-qaida. and also he talked about these extremist views, even in his counseling sessions, he did not try to hide it. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. were the fort hood shootings an act of terrorism? so far 78 percent say yes. and 22 percent say no. steve from baltimore writes. on our website. this man was harassed to the point of violence by the right wing presidents that prevail our military. but another viewer writes, terrorism and hate no different. 13 killed as an act of hate to terrorize the rest. remember you can give us your response. in several different ways. you can go to foxbaltimore.com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us a tweet @foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. and enter fox 45 a for yes. or fox 45 b for no. >> breaking news out of northwest baltimore at this hour. city police are currently on th
and the free flee of information on the internet showed be encolonelled. that can be solved unless the s united states and china cooperate. >> time to look at entertainment news right now, may have been the curse of friday the 13th during a show in detroit, bruce springstein yelled out hello, ohio from auburn hills. again that's in michigan. he refer today the neighboring state, the following 30 minutes until the band guitarrest whispered in his ears you're in michigan. he grinned and said a mistake like that is every front man's worst nightmare. >> you do travel lot but the fan was forgiving. he played into the wee hours that night. >>> the rs has filed a huge tax lien against her and it is all bernie madoffs fault. after slapping a los angeles cop back in 1989 apparently owed the irs $118,000. a rep says the 93-year-old actress lost about $7 million in madoff's scheme. >> that video is 20 years ago. >>> glow sarah palin , and she speaks out about life in the scam pain trail and her disastrous up to and through the interview, about the abc 2 has a preview of palin's interview with barbara wal
thing that the taxpayers of the united states and the military are doing the work that the rest of the world is doing. and the u.s. is out to send more troops to a war it has been fighting twice as long as world war ii. >>> next... baltimore braces for a brutal battle. football here and the invasion of the steelers. there will be a different leader coming up. >>> and a discovery for all the aimings, all thanks to a girl who thought it would be fun to well dig in the dirt. >>> it will be great weather as the ravens host the champs the pittsburgh, you no he what they are. it is a big game with invitations here. ravens coming in at 5:00 and the what is that team's name the steelers have a 6-4 record. they trail the division leading bengals and steelers quarterback will not start tonight. he is suffering from a head injury he got last week's game. he is listed in the -- as the third quarterback and play in case of an emergency. game time is 8:20. go ravens. >>> the other teams cincinnati and cleveland played today. you can probably guess how this ended. despite a few challenges. ben
is the president of the united states, bush was the president. i respected both of them because of their position. i didn't always agree with them and i don't always agree with obama or bush but they were the president of united states. and when you are under a microscope every single day, everything that you do, you are going to have tendencies back and forth. and right now we are still in a resgs. we still have problem with jobs. so people aren't happy right now. >> and problems paying for college. tomorrow you're holding a congressional forum on paying for college arguing that there really is help out there. >> i think one of the most important things you can do is when students want to go to college, we should help them go to college. we pass the bim that will give a lot more money and we're going to help students go to college. that's what makes our country the best country in the world and i'm having forums throughout my district with parents and students and juniors and seniors in high school to help them seek out the money that will help them go to a college if they want to go to college.
into the northwestern area of the united states. looking at precipitation. that moisture is going to stay away from us for a while. even into wednesday, not really seeing any rain come through. wednesday night is when things could change for us, and then we'll see some rain wednesday night into thursday morning, and then it could last a little while for us, but should clear out for the weekend. today, 65 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy conditions should be very nice for us today. a little bit cooler than yesterday, and for tonight, 42 degrees, partly cloudy, crisp and cool, should be a very pleasant fall evening for us, and for tomorrow, 56 degrees, partly sunny, nice again, but still a little cooler tomorrow than where we saw things today. that wind is coming out of the north and bring something cooler drier air for us. tuesday, wednesday, they still look good, until wednesday night, then you they see a little bit of precipitation coming in wednesday night, lasting through until this, even lasting into the chances for friday, but then we should dry out and look very nice as we head into next weekend. b
to the united states? and quite frankly afghanistan is important for our fight against terrorism as is pakistan. now, the legitimatesy of the afghan government is something for the people to determine. quite frankly, i think none of us would accept the type of election process they have in that country. >> but is there not that nexus between the legitimatesy and the cribblet of its democracy -- credibility in terms of it becoming a peaceful place? >> no question about it. there is a concern about whether the government can maintain the type of legitimatesy that's important to protect the rights of all citizens and to help us in our fight against terrorism. so we are concerned about the legitimatesy and the strength of the afghan government. quite frankly, mr. carsi has had a checkered past and i think that's of concern. but our concern is whether we can have an effective campaign against terrorism in afghanistan and pakistan to protect the interests of the united states. >> to health care. the senator expected to begin debate within two weeks on the bill crafted by the majority leader. how do y
he welcomes a strong china in the united states. and the united states and chine ra must work -- china must work together to come up with global solutions like global warming. >>> a sign that gm is starting to turn things around since emerging from bankruptcy. the detroit automaker also says it will begin repaying its loans. it could pay off the full amount by 2011, four years earlier than expected. >>> teenagers may have to be required to have a doctor's note to be able to use tanning beds. >>> two popular cholesterol drugs are coming under fire. terrell brown explains why. >>> zetia and vytorin, which contain zetia, are taken by millions of americans. but there are major questions about how well the drugs work a study in the new england journal of medicine compares zetia to ni niospin. they said it failed to prevent clogs in neck. the results caused researchers to shut down the experiment early. >> it was a surprise that they found such a big difference in the increased risk in complications and deaths among those using zetia and vytorin. >> merck is questioning the research
survivors. >>> in the united states, breast cancer is the second- leading cause of cancer deaths in females. physicians worry the recommendations could lead to even more. >>> three years ago, now 29- year-old christina dezutter of hanover, was diagnosed with breast cancer, after she did a self exam and had a mammogram. >> do you realize that because you caught it early, there's an option? there's life after this. >> reporter: but a new government task force says self breast exams and mammograms are ineffective for young women like dezutter. researchers found for every one breast cancer death prevented, others need to be screened. that number drops to 1300 for those ages 50 to 59. and 400 in ages 60 to 69. and starting at 40, there are more false positives, leading to unnecessary biopsies. >> it doesn't make sense to be putting our efforts into mammography screening in women under 50 when we can find better tools that will help more women and be more accurate. >> reporter: another mange change. the -- change. the panel says women need to be screened only every two years. not annually. >> rep
pow bowing. he says the esidenis giving expresve reform to the idea at the united states willing leprose straights itself before the world. he says the united states is like a country you can unlike any other only worsbecause we have so much to apologize. those are the arguments on bh sides of the aisle and this is the bow heard around the world and a lot of people are comparing how other heads of state and americanpoliticians have greeted the japanese emperor over the years. here's dick cheney meeting e japanesemperor and no bow there. and if you think these are er thlook at this video that just surfaced on youtube. a group has compiled this monday only the set to music of various heads of state meeting with the japanese emperor. it has already over 100,000 hits. and has been up 48 hou so clearly it is what is hot on the web this morning. i'm not going to weigh in on it but it is definitely hoot on the web. back to you. >>> a top hollywood power couple has something for you to wear. the story is coming up. >>> if you are looking for the most foul mouthed place in america, a surv
the explosives may have been planted in a car in a parking lot. -- at least 30 people today. the united states says it is stopping long-term development work near the afghan border because of security concerns. security concerns have forced the united nations to stop that long-term development work. they will focus on emergency and humanitarian relief. to follows a string of bombings recently. >>> afghanistan president hamid karzai will apparently stay in power for the next five years and that could complicate the united states' role in afghanistan. abdullah abdullah dropped out of the race but the obama administration says it is prepared for work with karzai despite questions about his credibility. >>> it is now 10 minutes after 5:00. there is encouraging news this more thanking on the swine flu front. coming up next, the government says more vaccine is on the way and soon. >>> history being made in the big apple. something happened at the new york city marathon that has not happened in more than 25 years. we'll tell you what it is coming up. >>> al coming up, we'll bring you the latest on to
" was conceived for the stage. >> it's historic because this set has never been used in the united states for a play. so that's the first thing. it's digital. a combination of modern and back in the day. so you look at people on stage, at the same time you're looking at more. the set alone is incredible and a cast that will blow your mind. >> reporter: after this show in new york city it heads to charm city. as we found out the big apple crowd loves our hometown. >> i love baltimore. >> i love baltimore. >> my dad is a huge baltimore orioles fan. i remember going at a very young age and being so excited because i was in baltimore for the first time. >> i've got to get to the crab cakes. first and foremost. i didn't get a chance to visit charm city bakery. so i'm going there. >> i am very proud to be from baltimore. i love it. it's changed a lot since i was a kid. it's wonderful now. i love it. >> reporter: get ready because the show will low your mind. it's amazing. the set, costumes and it will be in baltimore december 16th. >> baltimore, come on out and support "dreamgirls." it's a lot
currently included in their paperwork. >> for the first time ever in the united states we have an elected body of officials that have stated that pregnancy centers lie to and deceive women. >> i think it makes them look sneaky. we've maintained for a number of years that planned parenthood is sneaky in the way they have hidden from women the other options of -- besides abortion. >> now pregnancy centers will be fined if found to be improperly displaying abortion and birth control disclaimers. they say it's enforcing truth in advertising. >> women need good, scientifically based, accurate, full information. and when they walk into a center saying, pregnant, need help, they think they're going to get all the information they need. >> that was carrie cavanaugh reporting. if centers are found in violation of the measure, they will be fined $150. the bill next goes to the mayor for her signature. >> the catholic archdiocese of baltimore says an investigation has determined that allegations of sexual abuse against a pastor are credible. he was removed from his position at the church of saint pa
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to bring awareness to the disease that afflicts 22,000 people in the united states. a former astronaut from maryland pleads guilty to reduced charges in her bizarre attack on a romantic rival. lisa nowak rereceived probation and i voided a trial on attempted kidnapping charges and i pole jized to colleen shipman she drove cross country and confronted her after shipman began dating her love interest. shipman says she is reeling from the 2007 incident. >>> it was a sales pitch not a blackmailing according to the lawyer for the man accused of attempting to extort david letterman. rushed halderman's defense team sways trying to sell a screenplay and his attorney asked the judge to toss out the case today. halderman was arrested after caping phoney $2 million check from letterman. >>> bike riders and walkers abe ware maryland and baltimore area are the worst when it comes to pedestrian and bicycling safety. derek valcourt has details on the scudy and why some question the findings. >> reporter: johns hopkins student killed by a driver while crossing the road. 67-year-old chuck yates run over by
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